Amber Slayton thought she had the perfect life in South Bend, Indiana only for it to turn into a complete nightmare. Her friend Kayla convincing her to take a job in Charleston, SC, Amber reluctantly took the chance to restart. Just moving in, Amber battles her indiscretions of leaving her past and starting fresh. Within a few days of moving in, she meets Tristan Ashton, a local hometown hero. What starts as a friendship quickly develops into a whirlwind affair.

Along the way, Tristan andĀ  Amber both have to deal with their ambiguous pasts. While Amber is forthcoming about her nightmare life in Indiana, Tristan hides a darker secret he's not ready to expose. Amber has to learn to fight her inquisitive nature and respect Tristan's wishes for his past to remain anonymous.

Meanwhile, Amber quickly finds out that someoneĀ  is out to kill her. Each day her suspicions rise until she discovers that Indiana very well may have caught up with her into her new life. Will she find out who is after her or will she end up back in the hands of her nightmare?

Follow Amber on her journey of self discovery, depression, loss, anxiety, and so much more.

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